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Here at Christopher Dean HVAC we firmly believe that "If you're not happy, then we're not happy!"  We take pride in the customer satisfaction of each and every service call we take. It is our personal goal to ensure that when we leave your home, we are leaving you with a smile and completely confident in the repairs that have been made to your system. We first and foremost believe in always clearly communicating with our customers on what the issues are with your system and discussing the best options for you, your home and your family. We want you to be left with a clear knowledge and understanding of exactly what you are paying for!!  

We appreciate the business of each and every home that we service, and hope to build a lasting relationship with all of our valued customers. Please let us know what you think of us and our work so that we can continue to improve our services to you!! 

Customer Name:  KEVIN SCOTT
Heating Sub-Service: Forced air

    I do not typically write letters regarding performance rssues. Only rarely do I take the time to write a letter discussing my experience with a company's representatives.

The primary purpose of this letter is to praise the service of your contractors American Climate Technologies(ACT) and cast doubt on the effectiveness (and cost-effectiveness) on the original HVAC contractors, Cotes's Mechanical.

As my service history will relate, I have had issues with my HVAC system, starting in the summer. I had numerous requests for service for poor AC circulation; the house would not cool below 86 degrees. The contractor you sent during the summer, Cote's Mechanical could not diagnosis that the HVAC blower was not blowing adequately, despite me pointing this out on the numerous times he came out to affect repairs to the system(at least 5 times). He had discussed with me that he had serviced the house for the previous owner. He did not mention that any maintenance was necessary to the system.

For Work Order #: 46******, a different contractor was utilized, American Climate Technologies(ACT) sent a very knowledgeable representative, Pedro, who systemically checked the HVAC system. In under 20 minutes he had discovered the blower had an incorrect size capacitor, causing the blower to perform poorly (and causing the motor to eventually fail, as he, the ACT technician predicted).

A simple change out of capacitors for one with correct amps and the system ran the way it was supposed to, which should also solve my AC issues that I suffered with during last summer. Had Cote's Mechanical performed similar basic tests, the AC problem would have been solved and Old Republic would not have been paying for the subsequent service calls.

Also during the course of his normal inspection of the HVAC system, the ACT technician pulled the air filter, which appeared to be nearly original to the system, having an accumulation coating of more than 5 millimeters of dust over the surface. I believe Cote's Mechanical had claimed to have replaced it one of the numerous times they had performed service calls.

As a side note and not the focus of this letter, is the behavior of the person handling my work order at Old Republic, who claimed to be a senior claims handler.

The ACT technician advised of necessary HVAC maintenance required, that would not probably be covered by the home warranty and discussed this with the person handling my work order at Old Republic, and myself.

Regardless the ORHP representative continued to badger for me to reply to him that maintenance repairs of $540 would be paid by me. I replied the necessary maintenance would be completed, I could not advise what specific dollar payment would be made.

This back and forth continued through 6-8 iterations, the ORHP rep demanding I commit to a specific dollar amount and my replying the necessary maintenance would be completed.

Mid-way through the conversation when I could see this was going nowhere, I asked to speak with someone else, to which the ORHP representative advised he was the senior claims handler 'there was no one else to talk to". At this point the ORHP representative hung up on me.

Although the discussion was getting tense, at no time did either the ORHP representative or myself raise their voice nor speak inappropriately. But with ORHP representative hanging up on me, the discussion was terminated.

I paid for maintenance that would prevent catastrophic failures, failures which ORHP would have to pay for. The maintenance was completed as I had advised. In addition to the maintenance I paid for and updated thermostat and maintenance agreement.



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